A Tibetan Story

Visiting Tibet has been high on my bucket list for a couple of years now. Tibet is widely known as the previous home of the Dalai Lama and especially famous in the Western part of the world because of the movie Seven Years in Tibet. The sacred capital Lhasa is the location of the awe-inspiring Potala […]

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Hawai’i, Land of Fire

Imagine you’re on vacation. Having lunch, while sitting across your favorite person to explore the world with. You enjoy the food, have a great conversation and then.. you look out the window and see this: Yep, that’s a volcano. And the entire area around the smoldering hole is the crater. So basically 99% on this […]

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Weekend getaway in Mallorca

Mallorca has earned a reputation for being a favourite holiday spot for European tourists. Indeed, once you set foot on this Balearic Island, you quickly become aware of how street signs and menus are multilingual, most notably in German. Next to this, the myriad of hotels with 100+ rooms, usually with all-in formulas, a large […]

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