Why You Should Make the Philippines Your Next Travel Destination

Travelling to the Philippines after being gone for twelve years has been an amazing journey. I did not expect to feel this connected to the land of my mother, but it is so captivating, so beautiful and just so worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. (I’m going back soon!)

Here are a few reasons why you should make the Philippines the number one on your travel list if you plan to venture into Southeast Asia.

palmtree iconIsland hopping will become your new favourite pastime.
That ocean breeze once the boat gets to speed, the tropical sun, the rhytmic motion of the waves… Make sure to bring your camera! You’ll want to capture all those magnificent beaches.



palmtree iconIf you like food, you will love island food.
You have been longing for exotic island food and you don’t even know it! Pictured here, a relative of the Japanese lychee. And don’t forget about the Filipino mangoes; they are pure gold and taste incredible. For drinks, slice open a fresh young coconut and indulge in fresh coconut juice. There’s nothing like it.


palmtree iconThat postcard ocean blue is real, and you can find it in the Philippines.
White sand beaches and a million shades of ocean blue – this is what truly makes the Philippine Islands the perfect tropical getaway.


IMG_2328 2

palmtree iconWatch nature show off its skills.
From waterfalls to chocolate hills to rice terraces and blue starfish: the Philippines offer an incredible diversity in nature that is just waiting to be explored!



palmtree iconIt is the perfect place to try new things.
Parasailing, diving, snorkling, taking a ride on a bamboo bike… Even finding Nemo, it’s all possible in the Philippines! The sunset gives these activities just that little extra to make it even more memorable…



palmtree iconYou’ll adapt the island mentality because there’s no other way.
Soon enough, you’ll notice it. The pace is much more relaxed, the people always smile and there is simply no stress because it is too warm to get worked up. In the end, tomorrow is another day and whatever will be, will be.

IMG_2335 2

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