Food Galore: Where to Eat in the Philippines

Without a doubt, the best place in the Philippines to experience traditional food and delicious desserts is at a Filipino home party. The chances that you might get invited to one during your travel there is high, because Filipinos love to get together and eat together. In doing so, they invite all their relatives, neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

The kitchen truly is the heart of the family and of the community. Expect to see neighbors lining up and bringing warm plates filled with delicacies one after the other. I did some research about Filipino food because it is incomparable to any other Asian cuisine.

It is not traditionally spicy and the use of spices like cilantro is very limited. What sets apart Filipino cooking is the combination of salty and sweet flavors. For more on this, have a look at the book Kulinarya. 

The traditional Filipino home party

During celebrations Filipinos will make sure that there is lechon on the table. Nothing says ‘Filipino party’ more than roasted pork as the absolute centerpiece.



Traditional homecooked meals: noodles with vegetables and hard boiled eggs (palabok), pasta with poultry, peas with corn and cream sauce, sautéed shrimp and red rice
Close-up of the palabok
Dark chocolate cake
Leche flan, a sweet pudding which is the specialty of my cousin

True island food

My favorite drink when in the Philippines is juice from the young coconut. For a mere 50 pesos, you can buy these at nearly any food stall at the beach or at the side of the road. During our trip there, I was able to try out some new foods like squid in its own ink.

Photo 03-01-16 04 50 09.jpg
Fresh juice straight from the young coconut or buko
IMG_2256 2.JPG
Squid in its ink

Islands Seafood Restaurant, Butuan

I’m a very big fan of seafood, so when my relatives recommended to visit Islands Seafood Restaurant in Butuan, I didn’t hesitate. When you order seafood, you can choose from their counter exactly what you want. I had the crab with oyster sauce, so good!

location, pin icon J C Aquino Ave, Butuan City, 8600 Agusan Del Norte,


Crab with oyster sauce

Restaurant highlights

Boy Zugba, Cagayan de Oro
I have previously mentioned Boy Zugba in Cagayan de Oro, a cosy barbecue restaurant that offers sharing platters with seafood, chicken and also great desserts. (click here for their Facebook page)

location, pin icon Corrales Avenue 9000, Cagayan de Oro

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Nigi Nigi Bar, Boracay

If you want to grab a burger with ocean views at a trendy seaside bar with laid back music and huge cocktails, the Nigi Nigi Bar is the place to be. They also serve great breakfast, as you can read here. 

location, pin icon Station 2, White Beach Manggayad, Boracay Island

The Complete Burger: 485 pesos (8,70 euros)

John and Yoko, Manila

If you like the Japanese kitchen, you will find what you need at John and Yoko. Located at the heart of the mall area, this restaurant offers a variety of Japanese dishes, from gyoza to sushi.

location, pin icon Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati, Manila

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