How to rock your taste buds in Italy: part one

Italy is known and loved for its picturesque towns teeming with cultural heritage and its mouth-watering cuisine that captivates your senses. After having a taste in the sun of homemade olive oil or freshly made pasta with chunks of flavorful, homegrown tomatoes accompanied with a sip of wine with views on the vineyard it came from, you know in your core that you will return.

Last summer, we embarked on our first sun-drenched roadtrip through the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany to explore the best that Italy has to offer.

Here’s an overview of which dreamy indulgences made our Italy trip a foodie’s dream.

Mascarpone gelato with chocolate sauce

  • Seriously the most memorable gelato I had on the whole trip (and yes, many others were tested!).
  • Get this at Gelateria Pomposa, Via del Voltone, 16, 41121 Modena

Mascarpone gelato
Zucchini and melon salad with feta cheese 

  • Also in Modena, this salad was a perfect lunch during a hot day.
  • Get this at Bar Manà, Via Castellaro, 20, 41121 Modena

Zucchini and melon salad
Dessert cannoli

  • Any local pasticceria has this typical sweet Italian delight which is puff pastry filled with chocolate and ricotta. Pictured here along caffè latte in Volterra.
  • Get this at Pasticceria Migliorini, Via Gramsci, 21, 56048 VolterraCannelloni

Pecorino cheese platter & salsiccia

  • Pecorino cheese is based on sheep’s milk and has an exquisite flavor that goes well with salsiccia or as pictured here, paste made of dates.
  • Get this at Fattoria di Mugnano, SR68, 53034 Campiglia, Colle di Val d’ElsaPecorino platter

Spaghetti alla fattoria

  • When you order a dish ‘alla fattoria’, it’s made according to the fresh products that are available at the estate. Which means you can never go wrong 🙂 Served here with pine nuts, tomatoes, spinach and olive oil.
  • Get this at Fattoria di Mugnano, SR68, 53034 Campiglia, Colle di Val d’Elsa
    Spaghetti alla fattoria

Pici with pomodori and parmiggiano

  • Because fattorias offer daily fresh products that are homegrown, they are my favourite spots to eat. So one more from this fattoria! Pici (thick spaghetti) with sauce from homegrown tomatoes and parmiggiano cheese.
  • Get this at Fattoria di Mugnano, SR68, 53034 Campiglia, Colle di Val d’ElsaPici pomodori

Grilled polpo with red onion confit

  • I love seafood and this is one of the best dishes I ever had: grilled squid alongside sweet red onion confit, delicious! Extra points for the amazing setting of this restaurant in Certaldo, with views over the Tuscan hills and the soft splashing of the centerpiece fountain.
  • Get this at Il Castello, Via della Rena 6 – 50052 Certaldo, ToscanaGrilled polpo 2

Polpo braised in chianti

  • I guess the love for seafood runs in the family! My brother ordered this squid braised in red wine, which was a great choice considering we were in the region renowned for its chianti wines. It tasted as amazing as it looks!
  • Get this at Il Castello, Via della Rena 6 – 50052 Certaldo, ToscanaPolpo chianti

More food coming in part 2! Think gnocchi, pizza and where to go wine tasting… 

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