How to rock your taste buds in Italy: part two

In the previous post, I have presented a first overview of the finest delicacies that we have come across during our Italian road trip. (I can’t get over the fresh, homegrown products, so so good!) Now, we will continue this mouthwatering journey with influences from the province of Emilia-Romagna, which is famously known for its mortadella.

Meat platter with mortadella, salami and prosciutto

  • Our fantastic AirBnb host Stefano is a proud Bolognese who described mortadella as if it was a gift from heaven. He came very close.  (Stay at his AirBnb!)
  • Get this at Salumeria Simoni, Via Drapperie, 5/2a, Via Drapperie, 40100 Bologna

Meat platter

Spinach flan with flowers

  • Next Stefano’s Airbnb, there is an amazing restaurant that also produces their very own biological wines. The staff is incredibly friendly and open to tell you all about the wonderful products they produce at their agriturismo. Eat here. Trust me.
  • Get this at Bio Agriturismo Corte D’Aibo, Via Rio Marzatore, 15, 40050 Monteveglio

Spinach flan

Pears braised in red wine accompanied by goat cheese

  • Same place like the spinach flan. My main dish included homegrown pears braised in their red wine, delicious! The goat cheese was drizzled with honey, which made it the perfect balance between sweet and the acidity of the wine.
  • Get this at Bio Agriturismo Corte D’Aibo, Via Rio Marzatore, 15, 40050 Monteveglio

Baked goat cheese


  • One does not simply travel into Italy without stopping by at a fattoriachoosing a spot with great views and tasting the local wines. Tuscany is where time stops and you get back in touch with your senses.
  • Get this at Fattoria La Loggia, Via Collina, 24, 50026 San Casciano in Val di Pesa

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pizza con mozzarella di bufala

  • Forget about store-bought mozzarella and indulge in this Italian classic, preferably in a picturesque town on a Tuscan hill like San Gimignano. Note that this town is very touristic, unlike the other places described in this post.
  • Get this at Bar Boboli, Via S. Giovanni, 30, 53037 San Gimignano
    Pizza alla bufala

Gnocchi alla funghi

  • I only discovered gnocchi a couple of years ago, and I have been a fan every since! Pictured here with fresh mushrooms, olive oil and black pepper. (But seriously, is it a pasta or a potato?)
  • Get this at Il Castello, Via G. della Rena 6, 50052 Certaldo Alto


Tagliatelle al tartufo 

  • Tuscany is the go-to region for truffles. Be sure to arrive while it’s the season (May to September are recommended, but I was here during the month May and there wasn’t nearly as much choice as when I was there in August.) Pair it with a glass of Vernaccia for the best Tuscan experience!
  • Get this at Il Castello, Via G. della Rena 6, 50052 Certaldo Alto



  • If you like meat, you will love tagliata. Grilled to perfection, this glorious dish will satisfy every meat lover. Add black pepper, have a sip of your chianti and dig in.
  • Get this at Il Castello, Via della Rena 6 – 50052 Certaldo, Toscana


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