Weekend getaway in Mallorca

Mallorca has earned a reputation for being a favourite holiday spot for European tourists. Indeed, once you set foot on this Balearic Island, you quickly become aware of how street signs and menus are multilingual, most notably in German.

Next to this, the myriad of hotels with 100+ rooms, usually with all-in formulas, a large and a kiddie pool, adhere to the island’s image of being a touristic family destination. A consequence of the tourist industry being the most important economic driver, is that it detracts to the authentic feeling of visiting a Spanish island.

However, when you look past the many tourists and the multilingual menus (usually with pictures), there is an undeniable beauty that is worth taking a weekend trip for.

The view from our room at THB Sur Mallorca

We stayed in the village Colonia Sant Jordi, at the THB Sur Mallorca. Hands down, the greatest asset of this place is the view. There’s nothing like opening your curtains in the morning and seeing the sunlight sparkle over the blue water of the bay.

Another advantage of staying here is the proximity to wonderful places to eat. With a little research and some help of the exceptionally friendly staff, you can have a culinary delightful evening!

Our favourite spot is 5illes — with its jazzy vibes coming through the speakers, the hipsterly dressed waiters (they all have beards and tattoos it’s awesome) and the beach club like interior, this place oozes coolness.

A glance at the menu of 5illes.


We went for the toasts with truffle oil, asparagus and cheese, the squid with potato foam, (of which the latter was the absolute star of this dish!!) and the fried squid with lemon aioli. I regret not having tried the pear aioli, hopefully there’ll be a next time!


Another reason to spend your evening here are their exquisite cocktails. Pictured here is a cocktail based on cava & blackberries, so, sooo good!

We also had a nice lunch at Laos Club, which I also recommend. The freshness of the ingredients,the friendly staff and that white chocolate dessert with berries are the reasons why Laos Club is also on our favourites list.

Grilled vegetables.
Squid and aioli (because squid!).
White chocolate dessert with berries, yum!

Don’t miss out on the natural beauty that Mallorca has to offer. Venture out on a hike or even better, explore by car to see more in less time. Another great way to get around is by boat. Be sure to stop at a beach to soak in some sun before you return home. Extra bonus points as well for the beautiful sunsets!




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