Hiking in Ireland: A 3-day Itinerary

My brother went on a hiking trip near Dublin with two friends and inspired this post. 

Packed with a tent, water purifiers, sleeping bags, a bunsen burner and instant meals, they started their hike at Marlay Park, a well known hangout spot for family picnics and also a runners’ favourite for a workout.

Marlay Park

Marlay Park is very accessible by car or public transport and it’s the spot where Wicklow Way starts, the trail that leads to Glendalough (roughly 50 kilometers away) and crosses Wicklow Mountains National Park.

Wicklow Way

Day 1

Hiking distance: 20 km

Alright — let’s hit the road! You’ll soon notice how the route quickly ascends, which offers great picture taking opportunities. One of the landmarks is called “Fairy Castle”. This dreamy name has been given to a large pile of light-colored rocks that you can climb on. Once you did this, you are now on top of the highest point in the Dublin Mountains with awesome views of the city.

Fairy Castle

When you arrive at Glencullen River, take a moment to admire the landscape rich with flowers ..and sheep! You are now truly in the heart of Ireland.





Day 2

Hiking distance: 23 km

Wicklow Way leads to Wicklow Mountains National Park, following an ascending path next to several valleys, lush green forests, Powerscourt Waterfall and Djouce Mountain. For a complete overview of the route, you can check out this website. 

Day 2 start


Lough TayDargle RiverDjouce Mountain1

August is a very popular month for hikers to visit this region. Consequently, many bed and breakfasts are fully booked. Luckily, some owners are quite friendly and allow you to set up your tent in their garden. For an additional fee, you can use their showers and have a full Irish breakfast, which is exactly the base layer you need before venturing out on your next hike.

Tip: Bed and Breakfast Lough Dan House — thank you for your warm welcome!

Day 3

Hiking distance: 12 km

Arrival in Glendalough with its old monastic city. On the road leading here, there are ruins scattered alongside the path. This is where the hike ended, the guys got on a bus back to Dublin but already planned to come back for more!

Trinity Church
Ruins of Trinity Church
Lower Lake of Glendalough
Lower Lake of Glendalough

Don’t forget about the infamous Irish midges and to pack insect repellent when you travel here! More information about this infamous bug can be found on this blog.


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