5 Reasons Why Sardinia is Europe’s Best Kept Secret

If you’ve read previous blogposts here, you know that exploring Italy has been an absolute thrill. After having visited the mainland on various occasions, from the glorious vineyard region that is Tuscany to Roma, la città eterna, there is still a lot more to discover, taste and take in.

We decided to head to Sardinia, leaving the Italian mainland for future discovery and venturing to a destination that was pretty unknown to us up to now.

One important reason to go was that I read online that Sardinia is a very popular holiday destination for Italians. It’s always a great sign if a place is frequented by locals, so we booked our tickets to southern Cagliari and got to packin’!

Here are 5 activities you shouldn’t miss when travelling to Sardinia.

1. Sail into the La Maddalena archipelago

Situated north of Sardinia, this group of islands are a popular sight for visitors and explorers. You’ll find the turquoise waters here you see so often when googling Sardinia and there are a lot of beaches to choose from.

Make sure you sail with a reliable company. We chose Dea del Mare in Palau and it was an amazing experience!

The crew was very friendly and experienced. The skipper knew all the great secret beaches and made sure we made the most out of trip by avoiding the crowded places. On more than one occasion, we had a beach entirely to ourselves! Not bad if you know that there are multiple larger ships with 250 passengers aboard, all scouting for the perfect beach…

Our sailboat, the Atlantide, had 10 passengers, which was perfect. — Thanks Massimo and Alessandro for a great day!

Check out Dea del Mare here: https://www.deadelmare.com

But don’t take my word for it, check out the other raving reviews on TripAdvisor here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g562810-d2155360-Reviews-Dea_del_Mare_ShardanaSail-Palau_Province_of_Olbia_Tempio_Sardinia.html

2. Order the seafood

The sea isn’t only the perfect place to enjoy your day while on a sailboat. It also offers the very best of seafood that you can find in the Sardinian restaurants.

Pictured here: prawns at restaurant Mastro, part of Moma Boutique Hotel. 

Mastro is the type of restaurant that fits any occasion. Whether you’re out with your family or if it’s date night, the mood at Mastro’s is just right! Delicious, fresh local products are served with a smile, paired with a great selections of wines. Lovely mountain views are also included in the price… The views are spectacular!




3. Plan a beach day

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Sardinia, but make sure to also slow down and enjoy a day at the beach. People who know me know that I prefer active holidays, but I decided to give the beach a chance this time. I didn’t regret it!

Sardinia has a lot of beaches, but take the time to explore and discover the smaller, hidden ones off the beaten path. My favourite beach is Cala Caterina. (Nomen est omen?) It’s amazing! Located in the south of Sardinia, near Villasimius.

Don’t hesitate when you go here. It’s in a very residential area and might seem like a private spot, but it is public! The remote location and surroundings make it feel very exclusive, which translates into only a few other people present. Much better than the popular (and crowded) larger beaches in my opinion.

Pictured here: the hidden pathway to Cala Caterina. 


4. Hike to Gola Gorropu Gorge

This is on the list for the next time we visit! It’s a natural wonder that’s one of Europe’s best kept secrets. We went to the area but did not have the time to hike all the way to the cliffs.

Check out more information here: https://www.sardegnaturismo.it/en/explore/gorropu

Pictures by Sardegna Turismo


5. Wander in sleepy medieval towns

One for the history lovers and the explorers! Sardinia has a lot of towns with a rich medieval past. From tales of ghosts wandering through the streets to abandoned fortresses that withstood the test of time, walking around these towns will make you feel like you’ve opened a time capsule!

Pictured here: Burgos in Sassari, where the restless spirit of Adelasia wanders until this very day after a long exile… 


I definitely want to go back to Sardinia! The food, the beaches, the nature.. It’s an amazing place to be and find peace.

What about you? Have you visited Sardinia? Did I miss anything? Drop a comment!

I’m currently preparing for my trip to China! As always, recommendations welcome!


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