Hi! I’m Caterina.

Twentysomething, living in Antwerp, Belgium. Ever since I started to earn a little money in high school, I decided I wanted to collect memories, meet new people and see all that our beautiful planet has to offer.

They say travelling broadens your horizons and teaches you about life. Well, they are right. I would also say that travelling disrupts you & shakes up your world: there are so many people around who do not do things the way you do, and probably never will. And that’s fine.

Travelling teaches us to be humble, like when I visited an orphanage in Butuan in the Philippines or went sledding with huskies above the polar circle, surrounded by mighty nature covered in snow. It also makes you feel alive, like when you stand right next to the Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland or see a whale in the wild for the very first time a couple of hours away from the West Canadian coast.

Travelling is about collecting moments, it is the most pure form of celebrating being human and connecting with other places and people. I want to hear your stories, and I hope you enjoy mine.



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